Martes, Abril 22, 2014

Old Homes: Seven Reasons Why People Buy An Old House

For some buyers, an old home is a dream purchase of the lifetime. It has been there for decades and has gone through different climate changes and calamities which further authenticate its unique quality and true appeal.
Why Buy An Old House
Find out what attracts people to buy such houses. Let this guide you through when making a homebuying decision regarding old homes.

1.       Location. Location has always been a prime factor in homebuying. And there are instances when most of the sought-after locations no longer allow new constructions around the area. Your only choice is to build one a few kilometers away, which is a bit far from the local shops, schools, coffeehouses, stores and other amenities and conveniences.

2.       Size. More often than not, these residential types come with bigger land areas and square footages. This translates to larger yards which then give you an opportunity to own wider and luxurious space for garage or outdoor shed. Likewise, there are several rooms too instead of the usual two to three-bedroom units found on the usual Philippine real estate modern houses.

3.       Cost. Generally speaking, it will cost you less to purchase older properties compared to a brand new house and lot in Nuvali of the same size, for example. Prices are easier to negotiate too.

4.       Appearance and features. It’s all about character and personality and older homes certainly have them. They look better with their interiors and exteriors, with features ranging from built-in fireplace, beautiful garden, mature landscapes with age-old trees, impeccable craftsmanship and architectural elements like arches and special window treatments which are already considered as “upgrades” in modern properties. They exude charm and mystery with its historic background and the generation of families that lived in it.

5.       Neighborhood. Another benefit is its established neighborhood. Many neighbors know each other already hence the community is much stronger compared to the ones in newer settings.

6.       Availability. Unless there are immediate renovation and remodeling that need to be done, you can easily move in anytime you want. You need not wait for weeks, months or years just to reside on your desired home.

7.       Profitability. For those who are looking for long-term investments, you can quickly turn this project into something profitable. After fixing the necessities and highlighting its unique attributes, you can consequently boost its value should you want to do a resale in the future.

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  1. This is a very wise idea. Thank you for posting it.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the guides. I'm planning to buy old house for my retirement when the day comes. :)

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