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Home Maintenance Tips: Five (5) Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Home

Similar to how a car is routinely checked up to prevent engine failure, the same goes to your house. Owning a property takes more than just shelving cash and closing the sale. It is more than just living luxuriously without any worry in the world. You have work at it consistently so it will continue to run smoothly. 
Why Maintain Your Home

Learn the common reasons why it is necessary to keep your residence in top shape at all times. Here are five (5) of them.

1.       To take pride of homeownership. Having a home of your own can give a sense of pride that no other tangible materials can ever achieve. After all, it is a symbol of your financial success. It is the fruit of your hard days’ work. It is one of your life’s treasures. And when you cherish something valuable, you take care of it. You nurture it the best ways possible.

2.       To feel satisfaction. There’s a certain feeling of contentment if you live in a beautiful and well-maintained residence. Since you are the one in charge of how good it looks, to see in your own eyes that everything works as designed is something worth remembering for a very long time. Take this scenario for example. Imagine throwing a homecoming party for a member in the family in your house and lot in Cavite. Everyone is invited – friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues. Visitors sing praises on how attractive and appealing your home is. On their end, it mainly reflects the quality of life you are currently enjoying.

3.       To have peace of mind. Think of it this way: How do you like the idea that all systems, utilities and equipment are in good working order? That you need not concern yourself about possible safety and health risks for your spouse and children? That you can sleep soundly at night?

4.       To boost its value. Do remember that homeownership is the one of the most important lifetime investment you can make. Should you have plans to sell your Philippine real estate property in the future, you can easily maximize its sales potential simply by ensuring that it is in its finest form. The more maintained it is, the higher its selling price tends to be.

5.       To save extra money. A great maintenance procedure can totally eliminate avoidable failures and major repairs. It can reduce energy consumption and unnecessary expenditures. You can readily protect it from elements that may cause significant damages as well.

Martes, Nobyembre 19, 2013

Vacation Homes: Three (3) Basic Tips In Buying A Vacation Home

Buying vacation homes is similar to buying houses, condos or apartments and basically anything real estate. There are a lot of considerations to think about. There is financial capability for one. How much can you afford? What steps do you need to undertake in order to come up with the amount so as you can purchase the property? Do you need a realtor or broker during the entire process? Where can you find one?
How To Buy A Good Vacation Home

Learn the factors that comprise a good vacation house. Here are three (3) tips to guide you through.

1.       Choose a location that suits your preference best. Do remember that the location is the key to an excellent buy. No matter what your reasons are, whether your intent is for recreational or retirement home purposes, always consider the place where you want your second residence to be. More often than not, many people will opt to have it within 60 to 120 kilometers from their primary residence. For instance, if you live in Manila, finding homes in Tagaytay or in Batangas City may be a perfect choice for you. Before you seal the deal, ensure that you visit the vicinity during both dry and wet seasons. In this way, you’ll experience first-hand if it’s an ideal getaway during summer or rainy days. For all you know, the roads are impassable in the months of November or December or the stores are open only on the peak season. Get to know the area and explore the neighborhood. Is it near a frequented spot?

2.       Weigh its rentability potential. Do you think that in the future, you can make a profit from renting it out to vacationistas? It is understandable if you’ll have no immediate plans to make a Philippine investment out of it and instead use it for future generations. Keep in mind though that as more people get interested to rent the place for themselves during the holidays, its value increases along with your money’s worth. Therefore, when shopping for a property, treat it as if it is a venue for recreation. How convenient is it for prospective visitors? Is it just an hour or two hours away from the city? The closer it is to the metro, the easier to check it out at any time and do proper repairs and maintenance. Does it have hot tubs or swimming pool? What amenities are currently being offered? Always develop an investor mindset.

3.       Do not overlook other expenses. Include the following in your budget – tax, insurance, utilities and caretaker, repair and other carrying costs.

Sabado, Oktubre 26, 2013

Luxury Living: Four (4) Tips To Get A Luxurious Look On Your New Home

Everyone wants to have their living space in the best appearance possible. After all, not only does it provide shelter, it also offers comfort and ease that no other place in the world ever can. This is especially true to new homebuyers.

How To Get A Luxurious Look On Your New Home
Buying houses does not stop just because you managed to find a suitable home estate property for sale in the market, sign the necessary documents that go along with it and basically seal the Philippine real estate deal. You still have to move forward to ensure that it is also a perfect venue for you and your family to live in comfortably.
recolectivo luxury house
Here are some quick and simple tips to decorate your newly acquired house. Learn how you can attain an expensive look without spending too much cash on your pockets.

1.       Colors. Pick tones that accentuate luxury and sophistication – navy, jade, amber or gold. Lean on deep and rich ones that set the ambience apart from the normal or bland-looking ones. Keep the shades in balance. For instance, if you have a deep blue wall on the entertainment room, select light-colored fixtures to match them together. You can also go for black for a more subtle impression. Browse through magazines for ideas and inspiration.

2.       Texture. Choose textures and patterns that are nice to touch and classy to the eyes. To cite an example, the fabrics to use on your living room pillows or dining chair slip covers should go in the direction of silks, velvets, linens, woven fabrics or wool. Mix them up and test which give the most stylish touch. Do not go overboard though. Remember that your goal is to create dimensions that would add interest and contrast so incorporate them well and in moderation.

3.       Lighting. Lighting makes a huge difference in the total feel of a room. Invest in a couple of elegant-looking lamps. Install a system that will allow you to adjust the lights to a dimmable version. Luxury homes usually have higher ceilings so to achieve the same effect, hang your curtains and drapes from the ceiling and not right over the window.

4.       Accessories. In several luxurious houses, more often than not, you’ll notice orchids and vases of tulips in the focal points of each residence. So accessorize your rooms with fresh flowers. They are guaranteed to liven up the entire mood of everybody who enters in. Place large bowl of fruits too – in the coffee table and dining area. Putting some metallic accents can define richness as well. Opt then for metallic frames on your wall paintings and pictures.

Martes, Setyembre 17, 2013

Luxury Living: Four (4) Things To Think About To Attract A Luxurious Lifestyle

Living luxuriously does not need to involve staying in a five-star hotel each time you’re out of town, eating dinner in fine dining restaurants, wearing trendy and signature clothes nor owning the latest gadgets from laptops to tablets to smart phones. It’s all in the manner of thinking and how you look forward to each day of your life. You could still live comfortably even if you have limited cash on hand. Learn how to condition yourself to think positively. Here are the first steps in attracting a luxurious lifestyle. 

1.       Luxury is obtainable. First, you need to accept that you deserve the best things this world could offer. You may have no job or no means to earn income right now. You may be up to your neck with debts which makes you financially broke at the moment.  All these do not really matter. If you believe that you are worthy of getting the finest luxuries, everything else would follow. It’s basically how you redefine the term to make it attainable.

2.       Luxury is comfort. Comfortability is one of the keys that would help you define your lifestyle. You may own a posh condo in Cubao but if you’re workplace is in Cavite, the whole concept of comfortability would certainly take a new meaning. It would automatically be redefined to staying in an apartment that is within walking distance from your place of work. On the contrary, say you grew up in the Cubao area and spent your high school and college there, and every time you’d think about the place, it would bring you only happy memories. Then, keeping a Cubao condominium certainly makes sense, doesn’t it?

3.       Luxury is quality.  Most people have this wrong notion that extravagance is equal to quality. Not necessarily. At one point, it’s true that some of the most expensive things have the best features. However, would you prefer an all-expense paid world cruise if it would mean you’re going alone and not have your significant other with you? Would you choose a five-figure job at the expense of your health?

4.       Luxury is pleasure. This is the main point of luxury living. It is meant to give pleasure. What pleases you? The ability to love and be loved? The freedom to do whatever you like? Remember that your experiences contribute to your pleasurable journey in this world. It’s just a matter of making each experience count.