Martes, Setyembre 17, 2013

Luxury Living: Four (4) Things To Think About To Attract A Luxurious Lifestyle

Living luxuriously does not need to involve staying in a five-star hotel each time you’re out of town, eating dinner in fine dining restaurants, wearing trendy and signature clothes nor owning the latest gadgets from laptops to tablets to smart phones. It’s all in the manner of thinking and how you look forward to each day of your life. You could still live comfortably even if you have limited cash on hand. Learn how to condition yourself to think positively. Here are the first steps in attracting a luxurious lifestyle. 

1.       Luxury is obtainable. First, you need to accept that you deserve the best things this world could offer. You may have no job or no means to earn income right now. You may be up to your neck with debts which makes you financially broke at the moment.  All these do not really matter. If you believe that you are worthy of getting the finest luxuries, everything else would follow. It’s basically how you redefine the term to make it attainable.

2.       Luxury is comfort. Comfortability is one of the keys that would help you define your lifestyle. You may own a posh condo in Cubao but if you’re workplace is in Cavite, the whole concept of comfortability would certainly take a new meaning. It would automatically be redefined to staying in an apartment that is within walking distance from your place of work. On the contrary, say you grew up in the Cubao area and spent your high school and college there, and every time you’d think about the place, it would bring you only happy memories. Then, keeping a Cubao condominium certainly makes sense, doesn’t it?

3.       Luxury is quality.  Most people have this wrong notion that extravagance is equal to quality. Not necessarily. At one point, it’s true that some of the most expensive things have the best features. However, would you prefer an all-expense paid world cruise if it would mean you’re going alone and not have your significant other with you? Would you choose a five-figure job at the expense of your health?

4.       Luxury is pleasure. This is the main point of luxury living. It is meant to give pleasure. What pleases you? The ability to love and be loved? The freedom to do whatever you like? Remember that your experiences contribute to your pleasurable journey in this world. It’s just a matter of making each experience count.

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