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Luxury Living: Four (4) Tips To Get A Luxurious Look On Your New Home

Everyone wants to have their living space in the best appearance possible. After all, not only does it provide shelter, it also offers comfort and ease that no other place in the world ever can. This is especially true to new homebuyers.

How To Get A Luxurious Look On Your New Home
Buying houses does not stop just because you managed to find a suitable home estate property for sale in the market, sign the necessary documents that go along with it and basically seal the Philippine real estate deal. You still have to move forward to ensure that it is also a perfect venue for you and your family to live in comfortably.
recolectivo luxury house
Here are some quick and simple tips to decorate your newly acquired house. Learn how you can attain an expensive look without spending too much cash on your pockets.

1.       Colors. Pick tones that accentuate luxury and sophistication – navy, jade, amber or gold. Lean on deep and rich ones that set the ambience apart from the normal or bland-looking ones. Keep the shades in balance. For instance, if you have a deep blue wall on the entertainment room, select light-colored fixtures to match them together. You can also go for black for a more subtle impression. Browse through magazines for ideas and inspiration.

2.       Texture. Choose textures and patterns that are nice to touch and classy to the eyes. To cite an example, the fabrics to use on your living room pillows or dining chair slip covers should go in the direction of silks, velvets, linens, woven fabrics or wool. Mix them up and test which give the most stylish touch. Do not go overboard though. Remember that your goal is to create dimensions that would add interest and contrast so incorporate them well and in moderation.

3.       Lighting. Lighting makes a huge difference in the total feel of a room. Invest in a couple of elegant-looking lamps. Install a system that will allow you to adjust the lights to a dimmable version. Luxury homes usually have higher ceilings so to achieve the same effect, hang your curtains and drapes from the ceiling and not right over the window.

4.       Accessories. In several luxurious houses, more often than not, you’ll notice orchids and vases of tulips in the focal points of each residence. So accessorize your rooms with fresh flowers. They are guaranteed to liven up the entire mood of everybody who enters in. Place large bowl of fruits too – in the coffee table and dining area. Putting some metallic accents can define richness as well. Opt then for metallic frames on your wall paintings and pictures.

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