Huwebes, Disyembre 8, 2016

Amaia Scapes San Fernando

Masterplan and Concept

Fulfil your family’s dream at Amaia Scapes San Fernando, a land and house development strategically located in San Fernando City, Pampanga.  It is just a few kilometers from the city proper making life’s necessities within reach.

Nurture family bonding moments with its array of features and amenities. Have a picnic in the patio green, challenge your friend in a basketball game or just take a leisurely walk in the three-lined patio green.

Feel safe and secure knowing that your community is maintain by Ayala Property Management Corporation.

Price Range : P807,000 –  P2,930,000

Land Area : 12 hectares/ 120,000 sqm (approx.)

Terrain : Relatively flat

No. of units : 468 units

Location : New Barrio Road, Brgy. Calulut San Fernando City, Pampanga

Huwebes, Setyembre 22, 2016

Amaia Steps Mandaue Cebu

Amaia Steps Mandaue is the first mid-rise residential development of Amaia Land Corp in the Queen City of the South, Cebu. It is Ayala Land’s residential project set against one of the three highly urbanized cities of the greater Metropolitan Cebu, Mandaue. It enjoys the privilege of having its own support retail shops for the convenience of its future residents.

Composed of North and South towers with both 9-storey developments, Amaia Steps Mandaue will have a total of 576 units of well designed Studio, De Luxe, and Premier units. Some units are afforded balconies that give access to the tropical views of the open spaces and the city.

At the core of the development is an invigorating lifestyle amenity courtyard, which includes swimming pools for adults and kids, kids' play area, landscaped garden, and a multi-purpose hall.

Price Range: P1,700,000 - P2,900,000

Project Area: .08 hectares/ 8,009 sqm

Size of Units: 24-39 sqm

No. of Buildings: 2

No. of Floors: 9

No. of Residential Units: 576

Location: Plaridel Street, corner U. N. Avenue, Brgy. Alang-Alang, Mandaue City, Cebu

Linggo, Hunyo 15, 2014

Old Homes: Four Questions To Ask When Buying An Old House

There are quite a number of reasons why buyers prefer an old house. There’s the factor of location as majority of the prime spots no longer allow new constructions around the area thereby leaving homebuyers to bid for something that’s already built around the place. Then there’s the size aspect that promises bigger square footages. The distinct appearance and unique features are big attractions too. Not to mention the profitability element where after fixing the necessities and emphasizing the charming attributes, it can be worth more than what it is today which makes it highly profitable for future resale purposes.

What To Ask When Buying An Old House
Purchasing such Philippine real estate property requires careful consideration though. Here are some of the basic questions you should ask if you’re interested to acquire one.

1.       How old is the structure? Determine the exact year when the structure was originally built. Doing so will give you an idea on how stable and solid the foundation is. There are some homes that have cracks on the walls, damages on the floor, crumbling bricks, mold in certain places or termites in some rooms which make it very hazardous to live in. Take time to do research and consult either someone who has an experience in architectural history or a professional inspector who is knowledgeable on these types of residences.

2.       What is the condition of the current systems? This pertains to heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. How is it heated and air-conditioned? Identify if they are outdated and in need of replacement. Find out what type of plumbing materials were used so you’ll be well-aware if they are likewise ready for retirement. Are the electrical components and wiring system compatible with modern appliances? Make sure that it will not be a cause for fire hazards later on.

3.       When was the last inspection done? It is important to know the date when the residence was last inspected by a pro. Read the latest report and use it to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision. If it has been years since an inspector checked the entire building out, contract someone who can do a thorough analysis and can give you detailed estimates for repairs.

4.       How much will it cost to restore? It all boils down to costing and expenses. Do not let yourself be carried away with the ancestral home’s charm and craftsmanship without taking the money part into consideration. For all you know, it is recommendable to buy a brand new house and lot in Bacolod for example, rather than to opt for something that will cost you a fortune.

Linggo, Hunyo 8, 2014

Huwebes, Mayo 8, 2014

Amaia Scapes launches in Pampanga

MANILA, Philippines - Amaia, the economic housing arm of property giant Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), opens a new address in one of the most progressive provinces in the Philippines -- Pampanga.

Launched last February, Amaia Scapes Pampanga is the company’s newest residential development. The project occupies a vast 19.3 hectares of land, built to suit the residents’ needs of a balanced lifestyle.

Amaia Scapes Pampanga is horizontally designed with over 1,400 house and lot units for start-up individuals and families whose quality living is further assured by Makati Development Corp. BuildPlus (MDC) and Ayala Property Management Corp. (APMC), both trusted for maintaining a secure and livable community.

Strategically located along Angeles-Magalang Road, Brgy. Sapang Maisac in Mexico, Pampanga, Amaia Scapes Pampanga is near commercial establishments such as Marquee Mall and Robinsons Angeles, educational institutions Angeles University Foundation and Holy Angel University, and government offices including the Angeles City Hall and Mexico Municipal Hall, making home living more accessible and definitely convenient.

Amaia Scapes Pampanga is a top development yet an investment that is easy on the pocket, equipped with features and amenities for one’s maximum home satisfaction.

See the story at The Philippine Star, Page B6, April 4, 2014.

By: The Philippine Star Posted on April 07, 2014

Martes, Abril 22, 2014

Old Homes: Seven Reasons Why People Buy An Old House

For some buyers, an old home is a dream purchase of the lifetime. It has been there for decades and has gone through different climate changes and calamities which further authenticate its unique quality and true appeal.
Why Buy An Old House
Find out what attracts people to buy such houses. Let this guide you through when making a homebuying decision regarding old homes.

1.       Location. Location has always been a prime factor in homebuying. And there are instances when most of the sought-after locations no longer allow new constructions around the area. Your only choice is to build one a few kilometers away, which is a bit far from the local shops, schools, coffeehouses, stores and other amenities and conveniences.

2.       Size. More often than not, these residential types come with bigger land areas and square footages. This translates to larger yards which then give you an opportunity to own wider and luxurious space for garage or outdoor shed. Likewise, there are several rooms too instead of the usual two to three-bedroom units found on the usual Philippine real estate modern houses.

3.       Cost. Generally speaking, it will cost you less to purchase older properties compared to a brand new house and lot in Nuvali of the same size, for example. Prices are easier to negotiate too.

4.       Appearance and features. It’s all about character and personality and older homes certainly have them. They look better with their interiors and exteriors, with features ranging from built-in fireplace, beautiful garden, mature landscapes with age-old trees, impeccable craftsmanship and architectural elements like arches and special window treatments which are already considered as “upgrades” in modern properties. They exude charm and mystery with its historic background and the generation of families that lived in it.

5.       Neighborhood. Another benefit is its established neighborhood. Many neighbors know each other already hence the community is much stronger compared to the ones in newer settings.

6.       Availability. Unless there are immediate renovation and remodeling that need to be done, you can easily move in anytime you want. You need not wait for weeks, months or years just to reside on your desired home.

7.       Profitability. For those who are looking for long-term investments, you can quickly turn this project into something profitable. After fixing the necessities and highlighting its unique attributes, you can consequently boost its value should you want to do a resale in the future.