Martes, Abril 1, 2014

Condo Care Tips: Four Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Condo

More and more people are opting for a condominium lifestyle. After all, the perks are very attractive – it is normally located in prime spots; there is no yard work required or extra worries to think about on repairs and maintenance; the environment is safe and secure plus there are so many recreational options to choose from. It is not surprising to see then that almost all major cities in the country have a lot of condominium alternatives to offer to both locals and foreigners.
How To Increase The Value Of Your Condo
Regardless if you’re planning to put your affordable condominium for sale up in the market, rent it out to a certain target type or simply to reside on it with your family, home improvement is a necessary procedure to retain the value of your home.

Below are some tips to show you how to increase its worth.

1.       Communicate with the condo association first. This is one of the initial steps to think about before improving your residence. Check with them first so you’ll know what kind of upgrades are allowed, what items need permit and what are totally not permissible. While some condominiums in Manila allow all types of painting and repainting of the interiors, there are those who implement certain restrictions to its residents and set specific limitations on the type of updates that can be done inside the unit. Get a copy of their rules and regulations. If the hallway leading to your place is in need of work, identify their SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) so as they can take action to improve its appearance.

2.       Clean and de-clutter. Who wants a messy and smelly home anyway? Hence, clear away the clutter. Make sure that every corner is neat and clean – from ceiling and walls to countertops, carpets and flooring. Maintain a fresh smelling atmosphere and get rid of undesirable odors.

3.       Update, upgrade and style. Wear and tear is unavoidable on any residential type. Hence, a great way to maintain its value is through painting, proper lighting and upgrades.
·        If you’ll have to repaint, always opt for neutral colors. Paint the window frames and doors, walls, cabinetry and drawer pulls.
·        Update lighting fixtures.
·        Replace old sinks and faucets as well as outdated appliances.
·        Enhance the mirrors with new frames.
·        Hang fresh towels in the bathroom.
·        Change worn and dirty doormats.

4.       Work on those spaces. Increase cabinet and closet spaces to show off storage. Add shelving, drawers and pull-outs to maximize space.

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