Martes, Enero 21, 2014

Benefits of living by the beach

The beach is a popular destination of a lot of people during long weekends, holidays, and vacations. The combination of sun, sand, and sea makes the beach a perfect place for relaxation and unwinding. 
Some people love the beach so much that many dream of having their own beach house to go to instead of going to a resort. Real estate in the Philippines has adequate offerings for those looking for a beach property. There are even some who take their love for the beach to the extreme by wanting to live right by it. Some choose to live not quite on the beach but somewhere close enough like a house and lot in Lipa. But is it a reasonable option, especially for those who have long been urban dwellers? Below are some of the benefits of living by the beach.

  • Permanent vacation. Living by the beach would seem like a permanent vacation. The usual grind of day-to-day life will still be there but it would feel easier to manage because it would be easier to relax as well. The simple act of waking up right by a beautiful beach is a great start to any day.
  • Less pollution. A lot of people who have decided to live by the beach have done so because of health reasons. The air is cleaner and fresher by the sea and there is so much less pollution than in crowded urban areas. People with respiratory problems are among those who would benefit the most from the cleaner air.
  • Lower cost of living. Living away from malls will do wonders for your finances. Aside from not having access to non-essential items that eat up a large chunk of your budget, food is more affordable in rural areas like communities by the sea. Seafood, some of which can be quite expensive in Metro Manila, is so much more affordable. You will only have to wait for the fishermen to come back from their early morning fishing and you to buy from their fresh catch for very low prices.
  • Simpler lifestyle. If you are a true beach lover, then you know that there is very little you will need. Although you can surely do something so that you have all the comforts of an urban lifestyle, but you will not be moving to the beach for that. Many who choose to live by the beach are so into it, they would not go looking for other luxuries.

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